Compiling MariaDB on Beaglebone Black

To compile MariaDB 10.0.16 on Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 (wheezy) at Beaglebone Black (based on “generic build instructions“):

  • Download the sources of MariaDB from here
  • You need install libncurses5-dev (“apt-get install libncurses5-dev”)
  • Also install cmake (“apt-get install cmake”)
  • Possibly you need a swap file, use this guide
  • Decompress the source of MariaDB and run “cmake -DWITHOUT_MROONGA_STORAGE_ENGINE=1” to avoid this problem
  • If all it is ok run “make”, when it finish run “make install”
  • Prepare coffee and make some other stuff like biking or eat cookies 😛
Screenshot of ssh on BBB showing Linux and MariaDB version

Screenshot of ssh on BBB showing Linux and MariaDB version

Happy Hacking 😉


4 thoughts on “Compiling MariaDB on Beaglebone Black

    • Agreed. And compiling packages can sometimes enable optimizations that are unavailable in binary packages. However, I have had a load of issues with beaglebones — mainly relating to how they hog up port 80 with a ton of nodejs and systemctl services making it really hard to implement some things.

      I enabled the sid repo for the beaglebone and I could then install packages like python3.4, mariadb, etc. fairly easily. I’ve compiled packages on the raspberry pi and installed them on the beagle bone without any ill effects that I’ve noticed so far.

      I admit I’m a little frustrated with the beaglebone at the moment, your tutorial has helped me prepare my own packages for the device. Thank you.

      • I compile the mostly packages because I work with many different ARM boards. Sometimes, for example, with packages like LuaJIT (a language that I use) isn’t possible the regular compiling in the SBC (in general the industrials) and some “hard” modifications are required.
        I compile the packages in “automatic”, as a habit.
        Always is hard to work with any SBC… Do not be discouraged!
        Cheers 😉

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