PsP – First release of SMBII, super alpha version!

Download plugin

What it is?

SMBII isn’t a nintendo game, is a plugin for you PsP.



What you mean with SMBII?

Save My Battery Intelligently Immediately.

Who need this plugin?

If you plays a lot in a travel, this plugin is for you! SMBII was created with the idea of save battery but without your intervention. Active the plugin and make yourself to play your favorite games or homebrews… Him make the rest!

How this work?

While you plays, the screen backlight is set in 25%. When you stop of pressing buttons, from this moment, the plugin taked intervals of approx six seconds to change level of backlight and CPU clock. Approx 40 seconds later turn off-screen and put the CPU clock at 25 MHz until you press some button.

I can get the code?

Yes, this plugin is licensed under GPL v2. I’ll upload soon the code when I finished of sort and clean the text for a better interpretat


Some recommendations

Please, install like any plugin. If you like, you can write me. Tell me if the plugin work for you, the PsP model your, the firmware and the method of launcher. You can read the original post in my spanish blog.


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